deepak, leymah gbowee, & abigail disney

November 17, 1:00am EST

love in action: illuminating creative forces who harness their influence as leading change agents for a better world

the conversation with
deepak &
leymah gbowee
2011 nobel peace prize laureate & liberian peace activist,
abigail disney
filmmaker, philanthropist & executive producer of the
acclaimed pbs mini-series women, war & peace.

sisterhood, prayer and sex: how one woman transcended
ethnic and religious divides and transformed her country.

in celebration of women, war & peace, leymah’s new book
mighty be our powers and the recent bestowal of the
nobel peace prize, join deepak, leymah and abigail as they
discuss inspiring women to reach beyond their traditional roles
and claim their political destiny.

limited seating, rsvp required by mon 11/14

For those that cannot attend, please watch live here at 8:30pm EST: 

mighty be our powers available here